The History of Byzantium (general)

A reminder of where we've come from in the 8th century and where we are going in the 9th.


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I answer your questions about the Themes, the Khazars, China, daily life and blinding. I also update our Constantine acrostic. 


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An Interview with Paul Kastenellos (the pseudonym of author Vincent O'Reilly) about his two historical novels "Antonina - A Byzantine Slut" and "Count No Man Happy."


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I flesh out some details and answer your questions about the Roman army in 800AD.


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I present a fantasy narrative of a soldier's life during a raid in Cappadocia. The details are all taken from Byzantine sources.


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More Thoughts on "The Byzantine Republic" and my interview with Anthony Kaldellis.


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An interview with Professor Anthony Kaldellis about his book "The Byzantine Republic." It's a fascinating discussion about Byzantine political culture. He explores what the Romans really thought about their government and what all those rebellions really say about them. You will want to hear this!

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We explore the lives of the people of Byzantium. From the Emperor through the court down to the farmers, merchants and minorities who made up the population.


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We explore the remaining provinces of the Roman Empire from Sicily to Cilicia. Ok Cilicia is no longer a part of the Empire but its on the border and I liked the alliteration.


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We explore the lives of the former Romans of Syria, Palestine and Egypt. We discuss the survival of language and Christianity and answer other listener questions. We also look at what the Romans and Arabs really thought of one another.


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