The History of Byzantium

I answer more of your questions including sports, Iconoclasm, prices, symbols, literature and more.


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Aside from the rise of the landed magnates there have been some other important changes in the Roman military in the past century. We cover the Themes, recruitment, payment, skirmishing and all the rest.


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The fruits of the recovery were unevenly distributed. The wealthy landowners of the plateau were building huge estates and developing family histories to go with them.


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We explore arguments for and against the idea that commerce was a huge source of revenue for Byzantium.


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The Romans are finally recovering from three centuries of struggle. One of the lesser-discussed reasons for this was the payments made to the elites for their loyalty.


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Its time for some of your questions. We cover queries about the Bulgars, Slavs, Greece, Coins and modern Romania.


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We place the Khazars, Magyars, Pechenegs and Rus on the map and explore their relationships with Constantinople.


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The 9th century was a period of amazing social and political change in the Balkans. We follow the Khans as they plot a path toward recognition of their right to exist.


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We explore the diplomatic and trade exchanges between Byzantium, the Caliphate and the Franks.

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Charlemagne's empire could not last. Frankish customs saw the realm divided and it would never be put back together.


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